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All American Pressure Cooker & Rice Cooker

All American Pressure Cooker

American Pressure CookerIf you want a pressure cooker to cook foods faster, you can usually find a really good quality unit for a reasonable price, some as low as $30 depending on where you look. However, if you are serious about doing some canning, then you will want to buy the most top of the line pressure cooking product specifically designed just for canning purposes. A smaller standard sized cooker just isn’t enough for large extended families or institutions like hospitals and schools where wimpy 8 quart models are just not going to cut it.

If this is the case, then skip all the searching to find the one you are looking for and buy an electric pressure cooker. The Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry has been making these pressure cookers since 1930. These units have the space to cook and can the largest amounts of meats, poultry, and fish, as well as any kind of vegetables you can imagine. They features a precision metal to metal sealing system, which is exclusive to this brand. It has clamping locks that align and seal the lid to the base and since there are no gaskets to worry about, they are easy to open and close, which makes canning anything a breeze. Not only that, but it is the only canning system recommended by the U.S.D.A for canning foods with a low acid content. Any of these models feature an easy to read lid mounted pressure gauge for the most accurate control.

They come in six different sizes, from a 10 quart capacity, all the way up to a whopping 41 quarts, but are also available in a smaller, six quart size as well. For your safety, they should never be used on glass or ceramic counter tops, because of the weight of these units. They are also much larger than most cooking surfaces, and could damage surrounding areas if you aren’t careful.

Now the most popular model for the All American Pressure Cooker is the model 921, 21 quart capacity unit. This unit, like all their other models, is made from heavy duty cast aluminum for even, fast heat, and has a Bake Lite top handle that stays cool no matter how high the temperature. It has a geared food steamer gauge and a pressure regulator with three different pressure settings. It has two venting features, both automatic, for extra safety and control, and you also get a canning rack, full instruction manual, and even a recipe book. You get all of this for just $209.99.

Now you may be able to find these units somewhere else, but your best bet is to just go directly to their website, and cut out the middle man. They feature a manufacturer’s warranty, and you have up to thirty days from the date of purchase for a replacement, or even a full refund. With all these features, including the U.S.D.A recommendations, if you are truly serious about canning, then this is the best product for your needs.

How To Use Your Rice Cooker

Rice CookerWhen making rice, you can decide to steam your favorite cereal using a pot over the stove. But making it over the stove can be tedious, especially if you’ve never made rice. This type of grain can easily burn if the stove is set too high. Also, when the temperature is too high or the food is cooked for too long, it can build a hard crust which over time can ruin your pot.

The beauty of them is that they always cook your rice perfectly and often have the feature of keeping your food warm after you cooked it. You never have to watch it since they are automatic, so no chance of burnt rice or ruined pot. The click of your best rice cooker will tell you when the food is ready, for a nice and warm meal.

So how do you use this appliance? The steps are very easy, follow this, and you will become a pro in no time!

1) Make sure you have all the parts of the right cooker ready to go. There should be the electric part of itself, which contains of a heating element, but also a big bowl that goes inside the cooker, so the water doesn’t come in direct contact with the element. The cooker should have a lid that fits (attached or not to the kitchen appliance). Make sure the cord is in working condition, and that you have an available outlet nearby. They use a lot of electric and power when working, so make sure you are not using an oven or an electric kettle while using your favorite kitchen appliance. You should use one or to other to prevent the chance of blowing up a fuse.

2) Use a cup to measure your rice. Often,bags or boxes come with their own cups. If not, simply use your own. Remember that by the industry standards, a cup of uncooked grains equals ¾ of a standard cup (about 180ml). One cup of grains will make you between 1 ½ and 2 cups of cooked rice. Put your rice in the cooking bowl.

3) Time to rinse the rice. Before you go ahead, read the packaging. If you bought a more expensive brand, it may not require any rinse as it was previously rinsed and enriched with vitamins and minerals (you might lose them during the rising process). However, most likely, you will need to rinse your rice to make sure you are getting rid of possible residues of pesticides, herbicides or any contaminants. Also, the process of rinsing your grains will remove some of the starch, making your rice fluffier and easier to use if you are planning on using it in other recipes (e.g. for stir fry).

To rinse your favorite cereal, run tap water in the bowl and stir the grains with your hands. When the pot is full or there is more than enough water to submerge the rice, tip the pot at an angle that will allow you to drain the excess water. Use your hand as a filter to grab any grain that may fall off the pot with the water.

Repeat this step one more time if you think it is necessary.

Note : You can use the starchy white water from the rinsing to use to water household plants or out in the garden. As a matter of fact, this starchy water is full of goodies for your house plants.

4) Measure the water for cooking. You can simply use cold water to add to your rice. While there are slight differences between different kind of grains or your personal preference taste, you can use those two tips as a thumb of rule.

first tip : For every cup of rice, add one cup of water and an extra ½ cup of water. So for one cup of rice, add 1 ½ cups of water, for 2 cups of grains, add 2 ½ cups of water.
second tip: not scientifically proven, but works at all times : no matter what amount of grains you put in the rice cooker, fill the bowl with enough water until it riches the first tops of the top of the first bone of your index finger (the tip of your finger should be on top of the submerged rice).

You can make use of those tips and change them accordingly to your needs and likes (variety or your preference for how moist your like your rice).

5) Add some flavors if desired (salt, butter, oil, etc)

6) Put the bowl back in the cooker and cover it. Plug in the appliance. The light should turn on. Press the switch to turn on the cooker and start the cooking process. Let your small kitchen appliance do its job. When it will be finished, it will click back in place, just like a toaster. Many models and brands of rice cookers also have the very convenient feature of keeping your meal moist and warm until you unplug your new kitchen device.

7) Cooker may be really hot, so be careful when scooping out your food.


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